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The Nonprofit Alliance exists to foster the development and growth of nonprofit organizations and to protect the vital services they provide, as well as the donors, members, partners and volunteers who support them. For more information, visit

Together We Change the World

Together We Change the World

When disasters strike, nonprofits are among the first to respond. In recent months, the public looked to nonprofits to meet the challenges of crisis and uncertainty head on.

With the help of donors and volunteers, nonprofits in communities near and far are, as always, at the frontlines when they are needed most.

Join The Nonprofit Alliance in thanking nonprofits, donors, and volunteers for providing life changing — and lifesaving — services to all.

  • Together We Change the World

    Together We Change the World


The Nonprofit Alliance promotes, protects, and strengthens the nonprofit sector. Our members, representing the diverse landscape of nonprofit organizations and the partners that support them, are unified in our vision for a thriving sector that has the support, resources, and influence to make the world a better place.


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