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Military members and their families often sacrifice time away from loved ones, enduring months and sometimes years apart while serving our country. And, for children of military families, the impact of deployments can be significant. You can help United Through Reading bring families together by airing our public service announcement with your audiences.

No Matter the Distance

No Matter the Distance

Help military members and their families stay connected by sharing the new public service announcement from United Through Reading, No Matter the Distance, with your audiences. No Matter the Distance highlights the work that United Through Reading does to ensure the bond between parents and children remains consistent and meaningful, no matter how far apart they are. Military families share first-hand how this incredible program impacts their lives.

  • No Matter the Distance

    No Matter the Distance


United Through Reading offers service members the opportunity to be video-recorded reading storybooks for their children at home. Storybooks are then sent to the children at no cost so they can read along as they watch the recording. This eases the stress of separation, maintains positive emotional connections, and cultivates a love of reading and early childhood literacy. Since its inception, 2.4 million military parents, spouses and children have benefited from the program.


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